Government Jobs in Qatar

By | July 6, 2015

Majority of Qataris work for the government, with the private sector being dominated by the expatriates. This is because government jobs in Qatar have shorter hours of work, higher remuneration and have minimal barriers regarding entry qualifications.Government Jobs in Qatar

There are well-defined employment structures with high regard to legal obligations and rules governing hiring and employment. Jobs are open to both Qataris and international experts, although some may be strictly reserved to native Qataris. Most government jobs in Qatar have attractive tax-free remuneration including a basic salary, house allowance, medical insurance and benefits, annual leaves, car loans, grants, communication allowances, transport allowances such as air tickets, and a reasonable allowance upon completion of service.

Key government sectors that offer job opportunities include health, finance, communication, transport, infrastructure development and construction which have the highest number of opportunities in the country, energy, tourism, education, aviation, and social services.

The following factors are key when considering getting employment opportunities in the Qatar government:

  • Salary variation between different ministries and sector in the government
  • Key sectors such as the construction industry
  • Freedom of work which involves acquisition of relevant permits to leave the country

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