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By | July 3, 2015

There is an increase in the number of people travelling to the Middle East to offer services in key economy sectors particularly in the United Arab Emirates. This is partly due to the less strict labor laws and flexibility of working conditions. Here is a look at Government Jobs in United Arab Emirates.Government Jobs in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates have a safe, friendly environment to work, with a diverse number of sectors in both private firms and the government. Despite a great government input to provide jobs to the natives, the workforce is still dominated by expatriates. The government jobs offered for both the country’s nationals as well as the international expatriates. For expatriates, however, it is important to be familiar with the country’s labor laws, contract information, and how to raise complaints at the workplace if any.

For people with the right skills, the country offers promising job opportunities as more than three-quarters of the workforce are expatriates. The key sector is oil and gas although there are efforts to diversify to tourism, hospitality, Information Technology and other sectors in the government.

Most government jobs in UAE have an attractive tax-free package and a better opportunity for career advancement. The government strongly encourages both expatriates and the natives to take up positions in the government sectors. UAE has an online job application system that lists job vacancies in various government sectors for potential job applicants.

Labour laws in the UAE are so flexible that most jobs have no strict policies and guidelines limiting their application. Foreign workers can, therefore, have access to the recruiting sites and online platforms, upload their job applications and upon shortlisting, be considered. Here you can find a detailed list of Recruitment Agencies in Dubai.
There are relevant medical tests to be taken before being offered job positions, although employment is not limited to the tests. The UAE Government has specific jobs assigned for international expatriates with better remuneration and tax exemptions. Key sectors include health, IT and servicesoil and gas, construction, tourism, education, hospitality, logistics, and exports.

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