Latest Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Qatar

By | March 22, 2016

Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Qatar
Qatar is one of the countries with the highest GDP per-capita in the world, and almost 15% of households are dollar millionaires. This country relies heavily on foreign labour in order to grow its economy, so migrant workers compose 94% of the workforce and 86% of the population. Many Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Qatar require more than 3 years of experiences, but it is also possible to get fresh graduate position in this country.

Expected monthly salary for a Mechanical Engineer job in Qatar is about 11,600 QAR/month and it depends from previous working experiences and also will the engineer work on local or international company. Experienced mechanical engineers can earn 13,000 – 14,000 QAR.

The country is booming and there are a great variety of projects and a many very stable companies to work. The workforce is paid on time and fully. Qatar is a country where mechanical engineers can experience good teamwork and the opportunity to work with different people’s.

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