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By | August 22, 2015

Bahrain Job Market

IT companies in the middle east have their headquarters in the region based in Bahrain. This is due to the fact that Bahrain’s government has invested in advanced information technology infrastructure including a fiber optics cable that enables high rate of internet speeds.The Bahrain IT companies operate under a TRA (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority) that ensures fair competition between the IT companies making Bahrain a technology hub.IT Jobs in Bahrain

Required Skills for IT Jobs in Bahrain

Bahrain has also gone further and signed a free trade agreement with the US to enable exchange of technology. This has opened up job opportunities for IT professionals in Bahrain with those with university degrees being considered first. Other skills being looked for by the employers include those that can work with a variety of components. Those with experience are more likely to be considered for employment benefits The IT sector took a hit in 2014 during the Arab Spring and growth in 2015 is expected to be slow.

Although the IT market here is not that much mature as that of IT Jobs Market in UAE but still it’s moving forward towards the right direction and lots of IT Job opportunities are created.

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