Driver Jobs in UAE 2015

By | August 3, 2015

Latest Driver Jobs in UAE

With excellent communications, booming economy and minimal tax regime, the UAE is an interesting environments for foreign drivers. Emirates, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi are attractive locations for the professionals that looking for a job. Expected monthly salary for driver position is from 1500 to 3500 AED/month and it depends will the driver work on local delivery or international transport, and also from previous working experience. Taxi drivers receive a percentage of their daily takings (30% to 40%) receive a as income and they can earn 1000-3000 AED monthly. A valid drivers license is also necessary to get a job in UAE as driver.Driver Jobs in UAE 2015

UAE citizens or residents can obtain driving licenses after training from an authorized driving school. For foreigners, it is possible to transfer existing driving license, without going to a driving school or taking a test, but only from some countries. There is approved list of 36 countries: Austria ,Australia, Belgium, Bahrain, Canada, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, Luxembourg, Kuwait, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Portugal, Poland, Qatar, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, United States, United Kingdom.

How to Obtain Driving Licence in UAE?

Find avoid driving school and get an eye test done there or at an optician. Once you pass all internal tests like driving and parking, your school can apply for the official signal test followed by road test. The school will probably handle all paperwork.

How to Transfer Existing Driving License?

Get an eye test done, you can do it at any optician, hospital or clinic. Take all necessary documents (passport, current driving license, 1 passport photo, translation of driving license, eye test certificate and 100 AED required for a fee) and go to Dubai Traffic Department Driving License Section. Fill up application form and submit all documents to the officer and at the data entry counter. When your name is called out, your photo will be taken and a little later, you will receive your UAE driving license.

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