Engineering Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2015

By | July 10, 2015

The world’s second largest oil producer country also happens to be one of the biggest job providers to foreigners. Saudi Arabia is the desert coutnry that hosts 80% of foreign employees, owning to its sparse engineering population. The country earns 45% of its gross domestic product from oil industries, making it a flourishing land of opportunities for engineers from various streams such as oil and gas engineering, petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering and others, commonly known in engineering terms as, on-the-site engineering streams.Engineering Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has nine refining complexes that are considered to be among the most technologically advanced refineries in the world. These refineries employ thousands of engineers at all levels and in all domains. As one of the largest developing countries, Saudi’s major cities are all industrial cities. Ports, refineries, factories, manufacture and support enterprises, mines and other engineering paradises find home here.

Apart from visitors, Saudi Arabia is also a top choice fro the recently graduated engineering students due to numerous reasons, including the high salaries jobs. Saudi Arabia has one of the best electronics, and engineering market of the worlds, and the market is consistently growing which is great for a fresher to start his career. Choosing Saudi Arabia as a career launcher you can get enormous benefits that will not only enhance your resume, but also will polish your skills and will prepare you to get future jobs in other countries.

Dependent engineering streams have risen around these. Electrical engineering for the huge power supply to the factories, marine engineering for the ports, environmental engineering to keep tab of the effects the activities are having on the environment, are a few to name.

Moving away from oil, Saudi Arabia is well known for it’s lavish riches. The slowly diminishing economy has been one of the most powerful until recently. The infrastructure of the developed cities cries proof. These have been a civil engineering marvel to the world. The Saudi government shells out millions on infrastructure each year. These include infrastructure for education.

Saudi Arabia is focusing on many other fields to improve economy, which shall provide more employment opportunities to engineers in the near future. The desert country is an oasis of hope to engineers across the globe.

Apart from the electrical engineering, the students from the field of mechanical and computer science engineering can also find their dream job in Saudi Arabia, as the place is growing like never before and is considered as the best place to work at. No matter what you specialized in, you can easily find a perfect job in Saudi Arabia.

So, what are you waiting for, just prepare your resume, and contact desired firm with all your confidence and brushed up skills. Just make sure that you are well skilled and fulfill all the prerequisites for the job you are applying for.

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