Internship Jobs in UAE

By | June 29, 2015

The UAE has of recent been providing a lot of internship opportunities since the present market statistics indicate a positive growth for the job market in UAE. According to a survey done by and another research consulting firm, it was found that the job market in Dubai has picked up. Based on the survey, 44% of the companies in the UAE will be employing new employees while 64% will be looking towards filling up 10 vacancies.

The University of Dubai is best known in running internship programs, it has currently provided all of its students into the internship programs in the UAE, more specifically in Dubai. What is more interesting and good news to students offered internship opportunities by this University is that, 23% of the University of Dubai interns end up being employed in the same company. In spite of three internships provided to each student, more than 52% of the students who did internships successfully got jobs.

The UAE provides the largest share of potential opportunities to students who are majorly interested in getting to the job market via University internship programs. Based on a report released by the British council dubbed as Young people and Employability in the Middle East and North Africa said that employers are likely to interact and cooperate with educational institutions in the UAE than other regions. The report further hints to the success of government internships to students.

Internship jobs in UAE are further boosted by the internship and Career Development Center at University of Dubai. It is a body that works in hand with the educational institutions in Dubai to ensure that students are offered internships. If you are looking at applying for an internship in the United Arab Emirates, it is good that you apply through recruitment agencies, online or through international organizations and companies that have branches in Dubai. Applications are done through an online application form or CV. It is better that if you are an expatriates, you secure the internship first before you travel to UAE.
Some of the Industries you can work as an intern in UAE include:

  • Administrative Services
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resource
  • Hotels / Restaurant
  • Secretary / Office Staff
  • Information Technology
  • Banking
  • Marketing
  • Research and Communication
  • Supply/Chain

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In a well-established market like the UAE, the correct guidance and appropriate opportunity makes the big difference for the young graduate aspirants searching for an internship. The university internship programs have not only widened the job market for students but also made it a reality for companies and firms in need of the brightest minds to link with the right candidates.